Nature Creature premieres this June for two weekends only at
Open Eye Figure Theatre in Minneapolis.

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Elizabeth writes: “Nature Creature revels in the beauty and complexity of being alive on this earth.  For the lyrics I chose the most wise and visceral writings I could find, each brimming with discovery, sorrow and joy. While I originally thought of these songs as separate entities, over time I’ve come to think of them as inexorably linked, each possessing a different honest and heartbreaking key to the mystery of life.
In developing these songs I worked closely with vocalist Ruth MacKenzie, whose earth-grounded style helped keep me in touch with the ecstatic and primal energy that I wanted to capture.  Traces of her DNA thread through these songs, making them richer (like good compost). When we brought cellist Jacqueline Ultan onto this project, she brought another layer of expression to these songs: an internal utterance that cannot be expressed by words.

With words by seven luminous writers – Louise Erdrich, George Ella Lyon, A. R. Ammons, Nancy White, Lilian Moore, David Ignatow and the mystic Hafiz – Nature Creature embraces our brief, glorious time on earth, with all its discovery, contradiction, heartbreak and joy."

Special thanks to the Schubert Club for loaning us a Steinway grand piano,
and to the Jerome Foundation for funding the composition of this piece.

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