The Music of Elizabeth Alexander

Order Confirmation

I’ll fill your order as soon as I can, typically in 2-3 business days. If you need your music sooner don’t hesitate to contact me.

  • If your order is a LICENSED PDF don’t waste time trying to figure out how to download it! I don’t have that nifty functionality on my site. Your licensed PDFwill be e-mailed to you, along with your invoice.
  • If your order is SHEET MUSIC you’ll simply receive an emailed invoice. Your music will be shipped either that day or the following day.

A couple of friendly reminders:

  • If you will be paying by CREDIT CARD, I’d appreciate you paying as soon as you receive your invoice. This is not because I don’t trust you; it’s just because it’s so easy to forget if you don’t pay it right away! There will be a Pay Invoice link in your email.
  • If you will be submitting your bill to your TREASURER or BUSINESS OFFICE for payment by CHECK, I know it can take a bit longer. You have 30 days to pay (with a 30 day grace period!), so if you submit the invoice right away you should be just fine. There will be a Pay Invoice link in your email.

If you are able to let me know about your performance, I’d appreciate it:

  • Knowing about performances helps me with grants and royalties, plus I just like to know!  My nifty Performance Reporting Form makes it easy for you to let me know the Who, What, When and Where.

Take heart, make art,
and keep thinking impossible thoughts.