The Music of Elizabeth Alexander

Pay an Invoice or Send Money

You may pay an invoice or send money in one of two ways:

1. Send a good old fashioned check – yes, that still works!

Checks work well for:

  • Large amounts of money (e.g. Commissioning Fees)
  • Payments from Music Dealers and Licensing Organizations (e.g. ONE License, Choral Tracks, etc.)

Checks may be sent to:
Elizabeth Alexander (or Seafarer Press)
1245 Ashland Ave
St Paul, MN 55104

2. Pay by PayPal, credit card or other electronic payments. Please note: PayPal processes all my electronic payments, but you do not need to pay with PayPal. That said, PayPal makes its own payment method buttons most prominent (of course!), so you may have to look extra-hard for your preferred payment method.

Electronic payments work well for:

  • Small amounts of money (e.g. most music purchases)
  • Payments from Direct Customers (e.g. individuals, ensembles, choirs, universities, etc.)
  • Please Note: Music Dealers and Licensing Organizations wishing to pay by credit card are asked to add 5% to their invoice total in order to cover credit card fees