The Music of Elizabeth Alexander

Works about Change





Caterpillars Crawl
A lighthearted look at the daunting act of “going out on a limb”
Poet/Lyricist: Elizabeth Alexander
  • SA, piano
Level: ME
Cherish Your Doubt
An affirmation of that underrated but vital component of belief: doubt
Poet/Lyricist: Elizabeth Alexander
  • SSA, soloist, piano, opt. bass
  • SATB, soloist, piano, opt. bass
Level: M
Chosen People
An affirmation of the blessedness of all people
Poet/Lyricist: Elizabeth Alexander
  • SATB, piano
  • SATB, chamber ensemble
Level: M
A rapturous call to freedom and risk
Poet/Lyricist: Edna St. Vincent Millay
  • SSATB, piano
Level: MA
A sweeping embrace of all heart-opening things: poems, mistakes, rain...
Poet/Lyricist: Dawna Markova
  • SSA, cello, piano
Level: MA
Freedom and Justice
A forthright and feisty song from my music theater work-in-progress, Split Hickory
Poet/Lyricist: Elizabeth Alexander
  • Vocalist
Level: M
Look To This Day!
A wholehearted embrace of the present moment based on an ancient Hindu text
Poet/Lyricist: Kalidasa
  • SATB, organ, orchestral chimes
Level: M
A sparkling orchestral work capturing the fluidity and delight of water
  • Orchestra
Level: M
May This Be a Working Alleluia
A “roll up your sleeves” embrace of gratitude, work, healing and joy
Poet/Lyricist: Elizabeth Alexander
  • SATB + children’s choir, piano, opt. flute and trumpets
Level: M
No One Gets A Program
A bluesy, sassy take on a wise old saying
Poet/Lyricist: Dutch proverb / Elizabeth Alexander
  • Vocal duet, piano
Level: M
No Ordinary Song
A solo or congregational song for healing our wounded world
Poet/Lyricist: Elizabeth Alexander
  • Community / Congregational Song
  • Medium voice, piano
Level: ME
Praise Wet Snow Falling Early
A meditation on darkness, transcendence and hope
Poet/Lyricist: Denise Levertov
  • SATB, piano
Level: M