The Music of Elizabeth Alexander

Works about Honesty





Conversation on a Train
A difficult but important conversation across a deep divide
Poet/Lyricist: Elizabeth Alexander
  • Vocal solo
  • Vocal duet
  • Flexibly voiced chorus
Die Gedanken Sind Frei
A 16th century German protest song, recast with wit and defiance
Poet/Lyricist: Traditional, additional lyrics by Elizabeth Alexander
  • SATB, piano
  • Treble voice, bass voice, piano
  • Two equal voices, piano
Level: ME
Get Curious
A compelling look at how curiosity can nudge anger into something beautiful and transformative
Poet/Lyricist: Elizabeth Alexander
  • SSAA a cappella
Level: MA
Let it Matter
An urgent call to deep listening across cultural and class divides
Poet/Lyricist: Elizabeth Alexander
  • SSA, piano
  • SATB, piano
Level: M
No Other People’s Children
A song of reconciliation affirming the belovedness of all people
Poet/Lyricist: Elizabeth Alexander
  • Flexible voicing: 1-4 pt. choir
Level: E
Oath Taking
An incisive song about reconciliation, promises and integrity
Poet/Lyricist: Opal Palmer Adisa
  • High voice, piano
Level: M