The Music of Elizabeth Alexander

Works about Wings





Caterpillars Crawl
A lighthearted look at the daunting act of “going out on a limb”
Poet/Lyricist: Elizabeth Alexander
  • SA, piano
Level: ME
A rapturous call to freedom and risk
Poet/Lyricist: Edna St. Vincent Millay
  • SSATB, piano
Level: MA
A dramatic soundscape of jumping, falling, and flying
Poet/Lyricist: Ray Bradbury
  • SSA, narrator, piano
  • SSA, narrator, string quartet
Level: M
Like a Leaf
A rhapsodic setting of Wendell Berry's wise, simple words
Poet/Lyricist: Wendell Berry
  • SATB, piano
Level: M
Spirit of Life (McDade, arr. Alexander)
A still, small instrumental arrangement of Carolyn McDade’s beloved song
  • Piano solo
Level: ME
The Earth Called To My Friend
A memorial song which wholeheartily embraces the vitality of life
Poet/Lyricist: Nancy Wood
  • SSA, piano
Level: M