The Music of Elizabeth Alexander

A Taste of Home

A Split Hickory song about memory, ambivalence and love

Music: Elizabeth Alexander

Words: Elizabeth Alexander

A song from Split Hickory, a brand new musical I’m writing that’s set in Central Appalachia round where I grew up.

You can read about the progress of this work and listen to other Split Hickory songs on the official webpage!

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A Taste of Home

When I was young and bold, I couldn’t get enough of far off things.
Hardly could wait till I could leave the fold and cut them apron strings.
Rugged mountains would I climb, golden beaches would I comb.
I never thought that I’d be longing for a taste of home.

Mama she shed a tear, but that was not about to slow me down.
Shakin’ the dust off of my boots, I quit this single-stoplight town. [ALT lyric: that single-stoplight town]
Big ideas, fancy clothes, lofty skylines, shiny chrome.
Without a backward glance I thought I had escaped from home.

Oh, nothing tastes like home…

It doesn’t always go down smooth,
And heaven knows it doesn’t always soothe my broken spirit –
So sometimes I fear it.
But when I’m ‘round my kith and kin
It doesn’t matter what misshapen shape I’m in,
I’m a little more whole, I’m a little more free, I’m a little more me.

Oh, nothing tastes like home…

Whether you’re far away or separated by a country mile,
Whether you said good-bye by joinin’ up or by walking down the aisle,
If you’re anything like me, you will drift and you will roam,
And then you’ll wake up one day longing for a taste of home.

Oh, nothing tastes like home…