The Music of Elizabeth Alexander

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Newly commissioned for the Singing City Songbook!

Music: Elizabeth Alexander

Words: Elizabeth Alexander

Newly commissioned by Singing City Songbook, to be premiered by Singing City Choir on May 23, 2023!

Intertwined’s luscious Americana harmonies spin out a multi-layered song of interconnectedness. The main theme reminds us that our thoughts and feelings are interdependent on one another, while the wise descant adds that only by connecting with other people’s hearts can we ever hope to have “a meeting of the minds.”

Flexibly-voiced for two equal voices with an additional descant for a slightly higher voice.

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Intertwined with every thought
Is a tender strand that life has wrought.
There’s a hope, a fear, a love, or grief
Braided through each deep belief.

Intertwined, intertwined,
That is how we’re all designed,
Look within and you will find
Heart and mind intertwined.

Listen to the daily bread and the nightly prayer.
Listen to the newborn baby and the empty chair.
Listen to the promise made and the story told.
Listen to the hidden need and the inner gold.

Listen to the open hand and the furrowed brow.
Listen to the long lost dream and the here-and-now.
Listen to the sum of all the broken parts.
A meeting of the minds begins with a meeting of the hearts.

© 2023 by Elizabeth Alexander