The Music of Elizabeth Alexander

Off the Page

Nine improvisations for string players and other adventurous people

Music: Elizabeth Alexander

Nine improvisations for adventurous musicians of all ages and abilities, drawing from blues, swing, funk, Latin and world folk styles.

Each song in this approachable collection includes the following resources:

  • Musical score
  • Practice strategies
  • Improvising scales
  • Listening track (audio)
  • Practice track (audio)

This scale-based approach to improvisation includes major, minor and blues scales, as well as scales from Japan and Eastern Europe. The listening tracks feature improvised performances by professional jazz, folk and classical musicians, while the practice tracks allow students to develop their own improvisational language.

In developing this engaging collection, composer Elizabeth Alexander worked closely with Sera Smolen, an active cello teacher, improvisation coach and Suzuki clinician. Each improvisation was workshopped extensively by Smolen, who has taught them in lessons, group classes, and music festivals across North America.

Available in all string, woodwind and brass keys, along with chord symbols and piano accompaniment

1. Wiggy Dog Boy Blues
2. Crackerjack
3. Vermicelli
4. Play/Ground
5. Train of Thought
6. Felicia
7. Inner Hallways
8. Maybe this is all a dream…
9. A Riff in the Family

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Off the Page has been featured and workshopped at clinics worldwide, including:
Binghamton Cello Festival (Binghamton, NY)
Ithaca College Suzuki Institute (Ithaca, NY)
New Directions Cello Festival (Storres, CT)
New England Suzuki Institute (Lewiston, ME)
Southwestern Ontario Suzuki Institute (Waterloo, Ontario CANADA)